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Mamoli Mission Mozambique consist of 62 children of all ages, many orphaned young, live in heartbreaking conditions in the bush. No mosquito nets, often sleeping on rush matting, there are as many as 15 children to a room. The girls have no bathroom or washing facilites to speak of, there are no toys or activities and when not in the few hours of school they have a day, there is little to occupy them.

Without regular medical treatment many of the children seem to be suffering from TB and other diseases. The food budget for each child is about R4 (40p) a day and so a serious lack of nutrition is leading to festering bites and very low immune systems.

Many of the children work hard to grow vegetables but the only area with enough water to irrigate is where the elephants forage for banana, this often to the crops being destroyed. It is a wild and remote place and these children have very little. The few adults there are spread thin trying to solve the lack of food and needs of so many children.

Despite these difficulties the Orphanage strives to become self sufficient producing bread for sale and hand crafts. A campsite is under way and if they can raise the funds they hope to expand the school so the existing students can carry on their education. So they need help now to set themselves up and create futures for the children.

So to the positive! With the very kind help of the ‘Knit-a-Square’, charity based in Johannesburg, that works with HIV orphans, we have arranged beautiful, bright, hand knitted blankets and toys for every child. These are often the first possessions they will own.

Food Sponsorship

Now what the children really need is food. At least one good meal a day would strengthen their immune systems and help them fight the infections that go hand in hand with living in the bush in Africa.

We have started a food sponsorship program with theBOMBsurf magazine, where the producers of ‘Future Life,’ a nutritionally dense meal that is highly beneficial for everyone and packed with vitamins and minerals, will match all donations. We want to give each child a breakfast every day.

We want to give each child a breakfast every day.

Although the first shipment has already been dispatched to the children we still have a long way to go.



If you believe you might want to support us in resolving some of these challenges we face, please contact us:

Nic: +258 84 528 2995 or +27 82 737 7845
Simao: +258 84 853 7740

(Or you might have materials, bedding, clothing, or you might want to upgrade your fridge and let us have your old one!).

Herewith our present wish list:

Office furniture: desk, filing cabinet, stationery,
Linen: sheets, pillow and pillow cases, beds, (or wood to make beds), shelves (or wood to make shelves) for children's clothes, Clothes - children and adult sizes,
Materials: 32 mm HDPC water pipe, plastic septic tank, 2 x exterior doors, Industrial gas burner/cooker, electric wire (1,5mm and 2,5mm).

FutureLife Info

Download the leaflet for more information about FutureLife.

Or visit: www.futurelife.co.za

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