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Mamoli Mission Mozambique (MMM) charity has been in existence since 1996. It started out as the Mozambique Community Church and quickly grew to Mozambique charity provide for Mamoli community needs.

Simao and Annette Mucache, who founded the church, soon realized there was no schooling in the area so a little school was started which included a boarding facility for a few children. There were very few work opportunities and no shops to buy food. A handcraft business was started and an oven was built for baking bread. A vegetable garden was also established.

Fourteen years later the school now covers 7 grades and has 47 children (many of whom are orphans) in the boarding house. Next year we have received government permission to add grades 8 and 9 (as long as we can accommodate and feed the pupils - for which there is no government aid!) We will need to build more accommodation and create a food budget for an estimated 40 new pupils who will otherwise have to stop schooling.

Programs run under MMM include the church, school, boarding house, Mercy Air “flying doctor” service, handcrafts, bread baking, a camp site to bring in income, vegetables, AIDS counseling, etc. Some of these projects are described below.

Mercy Air helicopter outreaches include clinic visits as well as humanitarian and spiritual input into remote communities. Support needed in this project includes financial support for a nurse, clothes and blankets, building materials or money to put towards a clinic which we need to build. Volunteers can sometimes be accommodated in this project.

help children in needOne of our main goals is to make the mission self sufficient, both financially as well as agriculturally, whereby we want to grow most of our vegetables. As mentioned, the campsite and cottage can be a source of income for the mission. We need to build an ablution block so that the campsite will become more attractive to more people. We need cement, blocks, sanitary ware, taps, etc. as well as paint and labour!!!! (any volunteers!!!!)?

Please come and visit beautiful Mozambique for a holiday and add on a few days for a working outreach volunteer at the mission.


We urgently need funds for the building of a bathroom for the girls dormitory. At present they only have a make-do dilapidated read “shelter” to which they have to carry a bucket of water. Alongside this there is a pit latrine which is in an awful state.


As some of you might know by now, we eventually got connected to the electrical grid! After 18 years of running a few hours a day on a little old generator this is pure luxury! We are so excited and for the first time in our history we had one of our 2 water tanks overflowing! Relying on an old and often broken generator gave us many challenges, but the biggest of these challenges was probably that we often did not have enough water as we have to pump our own water from a well. This has now changed and we also now have a fridge/freezer so we can keep food longer.

We now need to ensure that we manage the electricity wisely and do not run up an electricity bill which we cannot afford to pay. So far the children have really been good and have not left lights on unnecessarily. Proof of this is that since connection we have received two electricity bills and both have been less than the average monthly cost of fueling and repairing the old generator.


We also have a volunteer program where volunteers can come and stay at the mission for varying lengths of time. Activities include educational, spiritual and social interaction with the children, games and beach trips with the children, art and crafts projects with the communities, medical clinic outreaches  and building projects at the mission.

While in the area time can also be spent snorkeling, fishing and scuba diving with our affiliated operator - Gozo Azul. www.gozoazul.co.za

Contact us to discuss the costs and opportunities related to this program whereby you have a holiday as well as put something back into the children of Southern Mozambique.


Bread sales are going well and improving all the time. We are constantly told that our bread is the best in the area - you should come and try it!!!

Our oven has served us well but it is old and cracking and it looks like it could collapse any minute, which would mean no bread for the children as well as reduced income through bread sales. We constantly strive to employ local people and to become self sufficient. Bread sales, handcraft sales and our camp site are the only means we have for income.


A kitchen has been built but is still in need of equipment so we can move into it. We need a fridge, freezer and a gas cooker. These items will allow for a much improved state of hygiene. We also need help in marketing the mission - If we can get more traffic to pass through the facility we have a far better chance of becoming self sufficient, which is one of our main goals.



If you believe you might want to support us in resolving some of these challenges we face, please contact us:

Nic: +258 84 528 2995 or +27 82 737 7845
Simao: +258 84 853 7740

(Or you might have materials, bedding, clothing, or you might want to upgrade your fridge and let us have your old one!).

Herewith our present wish list:

Office furniture: desk, filing cabinet, stationery,
Linen: sheets, pillow and pillow cases, beds, (or wood to make beds), shelves (or wood to make shelves) for children's clothes, Clothes - children and adult sizes,
Materials: 32 mm HDPC water pipe, plastic septic tank, 2 x exterior doors, Industrial gas burner/cooker, electric wire (1,5mm and 2,5mm).

The Breakfast Project

We have started a food sponsorship program with theBOMBsurf magazine, where the producers of ‘Future Life’, a nutritionally dense meal that is highly beneficial for everyone and packed with vitamins and minerals, will match all donations. We want to give each child a breakfast every day.

Although the first shipment has already been dispatched to the children we still have a long way to go.



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