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Photos by Charlie Dailey Photography:



If you believe you might want to support us in resolving some of these challenges we face, please contact us:

Nic: +258 84 528 2995 or +27 82 737 7845
Simao: +258 84 853 7740

(Or you might have materials, bedding, clothing, or you might want to upgrade your fridge and let us have your old one!).

Herewith our present wish list:

Office furniture: desk, filing cabinet, stationery,
Linen: sheets, pillow and pillow cases, beds, (or wood to make beds), shelves (or wood to make shelves) for children's clothes, Clothes - children and adult sizes,
Materials: 32 mm HDPC water pipe, plastic septic tank, 2 x exterior doors, Industrial gas burner/cooker, electric wire (1,5mm and 2,5mm).

The Breakfast Project

We have started a food sponsorship program with theBOMBsurf magazine, where the producers of ‘Future Life’, a nutritionally dense meal that is highly beneficial for everyone and packed with vitamins and minerals, will match all donations. We want to give each child a breakfast every day.

Although the first shipment has already been dispatched to the children we still have a long way to go.



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